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Coda Octopus Group headquartered in Orlando, Florida has two discrete Business Operations within its Group.

The Underwater Technology Solutions Business (“Products Business”), is an established supplier of combined hardware and software solutions – of over 30 years - to the underwater market. It has disruptive technologies encompassing imaging sonar, diving technology and diving communications technology. This business is a market leader in underwater imaging sonar technology and is the innovator and supplier of the world’s only 4D, 5D and 6D sonar capability which allows users to image moving objects underwater in zero visibility conditions. It is also the innovator and supplier of our new generation of disruptive diving technology (DAVD) which brings a real time information platform to the global diving market. The DAVD technology is an integrated management diving system which makes available to the diver on demand, a range of sensor, media and sonar data – using the head up display (HUD) as the data hub. The DAVD, tethered variant, enables the diver and dive supervisor to visualize in real time the same underwater scene. This Business has operations in Orlando, Edinburgh and Copenhagen.

The Group also has two discrete Engineering Businesses, based in Salt Lake City and Portland, UK. These Businesses are trusted DoD Suppliers and have long-standing relationships with Prime Defense Contractors which they partner with to supply proprietary sub-assemblies for mission critical defense programs. This business model gives these businesses sole source status for these sub-assemblies and facilitates long term recurring revenues for the elements that they supply into these programs. Some of these programs of record have been in existence for over 40 years.

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