New Products

New Products from Marine Technology Business

Coda Octopus Products Ltd. has recently released a number of products to further improve its customers' operations and expand market share. Please click on the links below to learn more about each of these innovations.

EchoscopeĀ® Air: A new, above-waterline real-time 3D imaging camera designed to complement the use of the Echoscope line of real-time 3D imaging sonars underwater, for markets including breakwater construction, and port, harbour and bridge inspection.

Survey EngineĀ® Automatic Object Detection Package (SEADP): This initial AOD product automatically detects boulders on the sea-bed, and generates a comprehensive report on each detected boulder, for markets including offshore renewables/wind energy and oil and gas.

Survey EngineĀ® Seabed Classification: This latest advancement from Coda Octopus for the geophysical industry, is integrated within the industry-proven Survey Engine software package to provide automated seabed classification.

3D Multiple Automated Target Tracking (3D MATT): This real-time multiple target tracker uses the 3D data to automate Echoscope operations, providing full 3D positioning data and status, for cable touchdown point and tracking, diver tracking and support, and vehicle target tracking.