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Coda Octopus Echoscope® Real-Time 3D Sonar provides unparalleled views of two historic shipwrecks in San Francisco

The Coda Octopus® Echoscope® Real-Time 3D sonar was used to provide the National Oceanographic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) with unparalleled 3D vibrant images of two historic wrecks in San Francisco Bay.

In November 2014, Coda Octopus Products Inc., CLE Engineering and Hibbard Inshore supplied equipment and services to assist NOAA`s efforts to survey the SS City of Chester and SS City of Rio de Janeiro. Using the Echoscope® real-time 3D imaging system installed on a SAAB Sabertooth autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV), this team conducted a dynamic survey and mapped these historic wrecks in San Francisco Bay. The team captured the first detailed sonar and three-dimensional images of City of Rio resting in the dark, muddy waters outside the San Francisco Bay Bridge. The team also completed the first detailed map of S.S. City of Chester, which was rediscovered late last year in the vicinity of City of Rio de Janeiro. To see videos and photographs of City of Rio de Janeiro visit SS City of Rio de Janeiro and to see video of S.S. City of Chester visit SS City of Chester.

Echoscope® sonar, downward view of the shipwreck SS City of Chester with sternpost, (left side of sonar image) compound steam engine and boilers (in blue middle of sonar image), and bow (right side of sonar image).