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Coda Octopus Colmek Awarded Contract to Upgrade and Launch the Network Test Set for ORBCOMM’s Next Generation OG2 Satellite Network

Coda Octopus Colmek, Inc. (OTC: CDOC.PK) today announced a contract award to upgrade ORBCOMM’s next generation OG2 Network Test Set (NTS), which provides a convenient tool to support ORBCOMM’s efforts to enhance its global low-Earth orbit (LEO) satellite network. The NTS allows subscriber manufacturers and end users to fully test their devices before they are shipped and deployed on the production network, as it effectively simulates the ORBCOMM end-to-end user environment.

“Colmek enjoys the relationship it has built with ORBCOMM over the years,” stated Mike Midgley, CEO of Colmek. “Working with an industry-leading Machine-to-Machine (M2M) solutions company such as ORBCOMM is very rewarding.”

The OG2 NTS upgrade will leverage the existing versatile solution that Colmek developed for ORBCOMM’s OG1 NTS previously. Both versions of the NTS are compatible with ORBCOMM’s new state-of-the-art OG2 satellite modem. By providing OG2 support within the same testing framework, the OG2 NTS permits all elements of the network to be tested together or separately and in conditions that allow ORBCOMM to verify that existing components will not compromise network performance or violate protocol in any way. All of this testing can be done prior to deploying subscriber solutions on the ORBCOMM production network.

The OG2 NTS will also provide a platform for ORBCOMM to perform FCC-mandated type approvals. By reproducing ORBCOMM network behavior and potential real-world Radio Frequency circumstances, the NTS allows comprehensive, reliable testing of the OG2 modems to ensure correct operation. In addition, the NTS provides valuable information on modem performance metrics such as timing, frequency, stability, signal-to-noise ratio, as well as bit error performance and serves as an integral part of subscriber modem type approval testing.

Colmek has been involved with ORBCOMM’s satellite program for several years, starting with the development of replacement software-based Ground Earth Station (GES) modems, which have been deployed to  ORBCOMM’s 15 GES locations around the world and are currently supporting OG1 messaging service traffic. Colmek was selected to implement this network enhancement due to their experience, level of service and proven success in executing ORBCOMM’s OG1 NTS and GES projects. In addition, Colmek’s product scope and lessons learned from these prior projects are complementary to the requirements of the OG2 NTS upgrade, making the transition seamless and effective.

“Colmek welcomes the opportunity to help ORBCOMM enhance this program capability,” said Gary Rohrbaugh, COO for Colmek. “By using our expertise in developing path-breaking Radio Frequency and modem solutions for the government and commercial sectors, Coda Octopus Colmek is poised to support ORBCOMM in this significant venture leading up to the launch of its next generation satellite constellation.”

About Coda Octopus Group, Inc.

Originally founded in 1994 as Coda Technologies, the Coda Octopus Group is now headquartered in Lakeland, Florida.

The Group consists of a Marine Products business located in Lakeland, Florida, Edinburgh, Scotland, Perth, Australia, and Bergen, Norway, and engineering businesses, Coda Octopus Colmek in Salt Lake City, Utah and Coda Octopus Martech in Weymouth, England. Each of the Group companies are technology innovators with a particularly high level of sonar expertise. The Group has facilities in Florida, Utah, the UK, Australia, and Norway.

Alongside providing bespoke engineering and development for defense applications one of the Group's key products is the patented Coda Echoscope® - the first real time 3D sub-sea sonar which is used in oil and gas, underwater construction, search and rescue operations and port and harbor security and constructions. The top end software which runs on the Echoscope® (Underwater Survey Explorer) is also proprietary to Coda Octopus. The Echoscope® is also at the heart of the Underwater Inspection System which is being adopted for port and harbor security, and other applications globally. We have a number of products which are based on our real time 3D technology (Echoscope®, Underwater Inspection System and Dimension® (the latter being a forward looking real time sonar targeted at ROV applications)).

With this patented revolutionizing sub-sea visualization capability, and the existing systems integration skills within Coda Octopus Colmek, Inc. and Coda Octopus Martech Ltd., the Coda Octopus Group believes it can become a world leading integrated sonar technology supplier.

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